Sales Performance

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Our process; Helping customers succeed teaches the principle that the more you understand, care about, and focus on your customers’ success – the more successful you will be.

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Sales Performance

Sales training and sales development for organisations.

Become a trusted salesperson who will help your customers succeed

Helping Clients Succeed: Filling your pipeline

The first of FranklinCovey’s three programs Fill your Pipeline gives your salespeople effective mindsets, abilities and tools to continuously fill their pipeline with good opportunities, identify which of them is right and create a good dialogue.

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Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities

The second program Qualify Opportunities helps your salespeople better understand the customer’s real business needs and drive opportunities forward. Based on a structured and empathetic approach, the participants train to drive the process forward as efficiently as possible with predictable results.

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Helping Clients Succeed: Closing the Sale

The third part of Helping Clients Succeed called Closing the Sale trains your sales people in the critical abilities that it is important to be really skilled at during the final phase of a deal. The results are better agreements, better margins, more satisfied customers and faster closing deals.

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Our Approach

For the past 15 years, FranklinCovey has worked with sales training and sales development with thousands of sales teams around the world. We have compiled what the most successful salespeople do and what behaviours and habits they have. The result is an award-winning process with training that helps you as a sales manager to create significantly better results.

Helping Clients Succeed

We call the process Helping Clients Succeed and the basic principle is that the more you understand, care about and focus on your customers’ success – the more successful you will be yourself.

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