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We work with some of South Africa’s largest companies in global projects – and with lots of small and medium-sized local companies, authorities, municipalities and organisations. Here we have gathered a selection of customer cases with different organisations and solutions.

Software Company

This fast-growing tech company uses a wide variety of content found in the FranklinCovey All Access Pass to maintain its healthy culture during mergers and acquisitions. They have a global solution to meet the needs of all learners and have currently trained more than 4,000 people. More than sixty percent of participants in their emerging leader’s program have been promoted.


For a prestigious institution in medicine, the pre-and post-assessments showed improvement in confidence and self-efficacy, with excellent feedback from the residents. The director of medical education sees an improved level of maturity among graduating residents. When residents face leadership and communication challenges, they have a solid foundation to address them.

Consumer Goods

A global consumer-goods giant brought in FranklinCovey to act as an extension of their L&D team. As a result, the client increased quality and decreased costs by replacing almost all of the scattershot material with All-Access Pass content, including more content areas, eLearning, Jhana articles, virtual training, and assessments.

Because of the All-Access Pass, the client can nimbly address local needs that arise outside of their central leadership-development programme. The client delivers content in nine languages, has replaced their webinar technology with the superior LiveClicks platform, and earns off-the-charts participant feedback—all with a shrinking budget.

IT solutions

Founded in 1999, ViaWest is an IT Infrastructure company with more than 30 data centers across the United States and Canada. Their focus is partnering with businesses to customise IT solutions that are secure, reliable, and easy to scale. The company has 600 employees across eight states and one territory. The employee base at ViaWest is diverse—some have been employed there since the company began while others joined more recently, bringing skills from other tech-based businesses.


Some years ago, Kimball Lodging Group embarked on a plan to dismantle traditional departments and create Circles of Excellence—cross-functional teams of people with different skills to respond more effectively to dynamic customer needs. Under the plan, individuals would lead out when a prob- lem required their expertise and contribute ideas when someone else was leading.

Automotive Industry

A new CEO succeeding a beloved icon wanted to develop trust in his new executive team and execute aggressive growth goals. The organisation was already high-performing with a successful growth model, profitability, and culture, but they wanted to achieve even better results. Previously, leaders were expected to “make their people love them,” but they needed a methodology and language to build trust and a structure to hold each other accountable for results.

A Regional Leader in Health Care

A regional academic medical centre is focused on innovating employee excellence. Integrity, excellence, and teamwork are just some of the core values that drive the focus on leaders who can effectively impact the organisation through behaviour change.

Five years ago, the medical centre had limited leadership content, one leadership-education facilitator, and an uncertain future regarding leadership preparedness and development. They needed a foundational leadership program to build on year after year to provide more growth opportunities for their emerging leader population.

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